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Intelligent Buildings for the Cities of the Future

If you thought your building’s new found intelligence ended at the ability to control, measure, monitor and optimize operations and maintenance, think again!

Learn about new technologies & products available for your smart buildings

India’s smart building initiative needs every support by the right approach & enablement. A new paradigm has the potential to enhance the planning process but requires advanced resources, strong project management with outstanding leadership, perseverance and commitment.

SmartVille – India is wholly dedicated to easing market accessibility for you, gaining in sights on market nuances, finalising contractual work and speeding up procurement activities


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SmartVille India 2015

This year the focus of ‘SmartVille’ summit will be on ‘Smart Buildings’ specifically. The summit will attract representatives of builders, architects & solution providers, providing interactivity and networking amongst them in an uninterrupted business environment.

SmartVille – India is focused on how technological advances are impacting and influencing the design and operations of buildings within the context of India. Areas that we see continually strapped to the back-bench are the planning, procurement, design and more importantly the implementation of sustainable measures as a norm for intelligent buildings.

But we seek to radically change this perception. Unlike regular conferences, we focus upon facilitating deal flow platforms in the manner of pre-scheduled face to face interactions with solution providers based precisely upon a given projects immediate requirements. This is carried out with a view to accelerate project delivery and ensure timely completion of proposed commercial, residential, hospitality & industrial projects as sustainably as possible.

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Marketing through conventional medium isn’t always enough. You may potentially be losing out on the reach to the right audience of key decision makers who need your products or services. Through IDE’s Sponsorship opportunities you are ought to

River Floods
Our sponsorship opportunities are unique and diverse, appealing to a wide range of solution providers who wish to remain ahead of competition within the Indian Commercial,Industrial and Hospitality market
River Floods
Opportunity to get connected to key potential clients of the Commercial,Industrial and Hospitality Industry
River Floods
The Pre- Event, At- Event and Post-Event exposure that IDE provides, through its full spectrum of Marketing Channels helps you create a direct influence on your potential customers more effectively, than any other marketing tool.

Key Sponsorship Benefits

  • Entitled to Face- to – Face meetings with the Key Decision Makers from the Development , Architecture Design and Functions domain of the Smart Building projects across the Country.
  • Reduced competition for your company in the category of products that your company function
  • Ensure high-impact Company/ Brand visibility through comprehensive Marketing Campaigns, reaching out to over 100,000 key Decision Makers, Specifiers and Influencers of the Real Estate fraternity across the globe
  • Prior Notification of all the attendees, 10 days prior to the initiative
  • Opportunity to experience ‘one of its kind ‘conference agenda
  • Extended Client Support to cater to your future Business prospects

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Aamer Azeemi

Managing Director,Cisco Systems

Gigo Joseph

Chief Executive Officer, SmartCity Kochi

Hari Krishnan Govindarajan

Regional Director , EBTC

Minni Sastry

Fellow & South Head, TERI - South Regional Centre

Biju Kadapurath

Director International Smart Cities, PwC India

Leena Pishe Thomas

Director , Global Business Inroads

Gautham RK

Head – Operations, Project Management , Cushman & Wakefield

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1. What is the difference in IDE offerings at SmartVille India 2015 versus other industry events?

Unlike regular exhibitions, tradeshows or conferences, we devise a package designed to maximise your investment by including these unique offerings :

Pre-course Questionnaire and Wish Lists assist us in understanding your project details and requirements. There is also an opportunity to provide us with a wish list of peers/solution providers that you recommend inviting.

IDE Connect, our digital platform, comprises of an online questionnaire designed to detail your project requirements thus enabling us to connect you with the right suppliers.

Prior Notification is detailed to you 10 days before the initiative based on which you may indicate to us the preferred schedule of meetings.

Face to Face Meetings which are scheduled based on a combination of yours as well as the supplier’s individual meeting preferences.

Delivering unique conference experiences is our mantra. Apart from expert led knowledge sharing sessions which in itself ensure you walk away with enough food for thought, IDE’s agenda always brings something new to the table. Here’s a glimpse of ideas we’ve successfully designed and executed.

Extended Procurement Support: It’s not simply about the 2 days. IDE works in a manner such that even after the event dates, we continually engage with you to understand and cater to your future requirements. If you’ve worked with us at one of our initiatives, trust that you can rely on IDE’s support to get any procurement specific job done at any given time.

2. Is there some sort of differential pricing for the products I am looking to buy at your initiative?

BINGO! The solution providers we bring in are made aware that a sale has a higher probability of occurring when there is a marked down price than what they offer outside.

So in all probability, our initiatives give you the opportunity to impress the heck out of your management by sealing a deal for a steal!

3. I am impressed so far. But ... The dates are a major concern? 2 full working days is quite a commitment? The location per say is too far for me? I will need to seek approval from my partners / seniors?

It sounds like you are mainly conflicted by logistical issues. Having to factor in the convenience, business potential of a given market, operational feasibility etc. for 200+ participants is no easy feat. The truth is, if we look to enable you in capitalising on an opportunity, we need to make sure the time you spend is well worth it. The idea is to target as many birds with one stone.

Now let’s put it this way – imagine the time you would ordinarily take to organise meetings with 20 potential solution providers? Surely, you can now see the benefit of meeting qualified senior representatives all under one roof at one go versus arranging individual meetings, across multiple days, at varied times in your already busy schedule. It’s safe to say, you will ultimately be saving on considerable time in the short and long term.

These pointers should be ample reason enough to win over your Partner’s / Senior’s go ahead. If not, feel free to put them through to the Key Account Manager at IDE to bring them on-board.

4. Let us talk money. What will IDE cover and what will I need to cover?

Delegate participants are typically charged a non-refundable registration fee of USD 650 per head. This is subject to approval by the Selection Committee based on the profile and relevance of the participant

However, for a select few who have been recommended and are featured as part of the VIP Delegation, a registration charge of USD 100 per head is administered. This amount is refunded to you in 15 working days following the successful completion of all your scheduled meetings and participation at the initiative.

At IDE, we love to be extravagant and give you the best experiences! Right from the moment you arrive at the 5 star venue, your accommodation, breakfasts, luncheons and dinners will all be taken care of for the duration of the initiative. All you need to do is ensure you arrive and we’ll take care of the rest.

5. I cannot commit to being physically present at the initiative. Is there any other way in which I can associate myself with this initiative?

Glad you asked. If you have been contacted by IDE and it turns out heaven and hell have ensured you can’t make it, you can opt for an advertisement space in our official brochure handed over to all 200+ participants attending. Contact IDE and we can discuss exploring this as an option for you.

6. How many meetings will you be scheduling for me? Can there be more?

We schedule as many as 20 – 25 meetings within a span of two days. These scheduled meetings work in clockwork fashion and therefore we cannot stress this enough – the personalised agenda must be followed to a ‘T’ with the timing.

Keeping in mind your interest in other potential suppliers and once you have finished with your scheduled meetings, you may take full advantage of the special networking sessions for unscheduled meetings. Simply approach your designated Key Account Manager and he/she will be able to assist you.

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